"Re-Crown Yourself

With Self Love and

Walk in Your Destiny"

- Nicole Anderson

Hey Queen!
Whether you're new in your walk with Christ, a "season saint" or a fabulous queen who's not sure how she's got her crown... let's have a quick girl chat in the ladies' room... and adjust our crowns.
I want you to know this... I've met you before.
in person... maybe over the phone...maybe on the Internet...
or perhaps not even in the physical reality yet.....
But I am 100% sure I've met you before! Maybe once you've forgotten how amazing you are.. and as a result... You've have experienced a toxic relationship.
 or perhaps you looked in the mirror and didn't feel like you were enough...
based on the way you look
how much you weigh
your past
or just because you're different
or maybe you know you're fabulous and you have a desire to please God but you're just not feeling fulfilled and just want to move into your purpose!
I've met you before sis because...
I was you.
I've once forgotten who I am in Christ and co-created a toxic relationship. I once forgot that I am a crown of beauty in the eyes of God and felt like I was not enough.
And I've been in a space where I was "feeling good" but wanted more!
I was ready to move into my God-given purpose
I've met you before sis...
and it's time to live your best life for Christ
It's time to
Re-crown Yourself With Self-love and Walk in your Destiny
so now that you know you're in the right room allow me to introduce myself.....

Meet Nicole

Committed to Christ, The Crown and Kingdom Queens Like YOU!

 It's time to take your rightful place in the Kingdom of God!

 I'm Nicole Anderson,

your Kingdom Queen Life Coach!

and after going through

(and GROWING through )

an extensive list of traumas, transgressions, and tragedies I gave my life to Christ For Good! and it changed my life indefinitely.